Prescription designer sunglasses

Prescription designer sunglasses will normally cost you am arm and a leg. Four Eye Warrior is able to make them affordable to you because they have partnered up with some of the biggest designers around. Don’t accept knock offs, Four Eye Warrior deals only with originals and can turn any frame into prescription frames.


Kids prescription glasses

Kids get enough grief about having to wear glasses without having to wear ugly frames. Four Eye Warrior offers kids prescription glasses. They are made for the smaller proportions of a child’s face. They are stylish and offered at an affordable price. Send your kid to school in style with put breaking the bank. For more information visit our website.

Online prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses seem to be a commodity that only the wealthy could afford. With how expensive regular glasses are, most people are not able to afford prescription sunglasses. This forces many to go online for prescription sunglasses. Four Eye Warrior is one of the premier online glasses retailers that sells the best brands at affordable prices. All the frames are able to be converted into prescription lenses and are result available for quick shipping. For more information visit our website.

Womens prescription sunglasses

Women love to look good. They know that sunglasses are not just something that you just put on your face, it is an accessory that must compliment how you look. Four Eye Warrior has one of the most complete womens prescription sunglasses catalogue available. Each frame has been manufactured in the US and made by the best brands in the business. With their try it on feature you will know exactly how it will look.

Providing Affordable Men’s Glasses Frames

Four Eye Warrior makes all its products in the US, giving customers high quality frames at affordable prices 

Four Eye Warrior, an online glasses store, manufactures all men’s glasses frames in the US

Founded by Marine veteran Tony Mizrahi, he wanted to provide customers, especially other military personnel, affordable prescription glasses that were both stylish and high quality. His research showed that the high prices were because most glasses were made in China and they took longer to reach the customer. Four Eye Warrior was his solution to this problem. 

All glasses are made in the United States. Placing a men’s glasses frames order online is fast and simple. Using the “virtual mirror” application allows you to virtually try on glasses by uploading a picture of yourself. Four Eye Warrior can also put your prescriptions in for you. 

And to honor other veterans and military persons Four Eye Warrior offers special discounts. 

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About Four Eye Warrior

Founded by former Marine, Semper Fi Tony Mizrahi, Four Eye Warrior is the result of several years developing an eyewear store to deliver high quality prescription eyewear at an affordable price fast. In his civilian life Tony got exposure to the online business model and learned how the cost of the products could be reduced radically while keeping the quality high. At that time there were several online providers that supplied eyeglasses at low prices. Most of these were made in China, so you had to wait almost a month to receive these, and frankly the quality was pretty low. He dug deeper into the subject and have found that with the online model, partnering with US manufacturer for high quality glasses made to US (ANSI) standards you can still offer great price, high quality, and fast delivery times. Thus the Four Eye Warrior was born.