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Doesn’t matter where you live, you always need to protect your eyes from the sun.  Men  have an issue buying sun glasses because they don’t know what to look for. Four Eye Warrior has one of the best selections online of mens sunglasses at great prices. They also have a gear try it on feature so that you can see exactly how they look on you before you buy.


Four Eye Warrior – High Quality Eyewear at an Affordable Price

Four Eye Warrior is an exclusive eyewear store that specializes in providing high quality prescription eyewear at an affordable price fast.

The main idea behind the creation of the Four Eye Warrior came to be when Tony Mizrahi, a former Marine, came back from the service, where he had to wear prescription glasses issued by the government, which were outdated, to say the least.

“Serving in a 21st century military, I felt like I was issued glasses made in the Dark Ages.” – Said Tony Mizrahi – “When I got back to the States, I decided to improve my chances with the better half of the human race.”

Still, affordable quality glasses were hard to find – most optical stores were either pricey or had long delivery times, importing their eyewear from China.

This is where he saw an opportunity to help others, who faced similar problems like him.

“I dug deeper into the subject and have found that with the right online model, partnering with US manufacturer for high quality glasses you can still offer great prices, high quality and fast delivery times for prescription glasses online.”

After several years of developing a prescription glasses online store to deliver high quality eyewear for an affordable price quickly, Four Eye Warrior is now gaining ground as a great alternative for those who are on a budget, but still want quality eyewear.

Four Eye Warrior even offers additional discounts to the veterans and military personnel on active duty, to make sure those serving the country can have access to the highest quality eyewear.

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Four Eye Warrior


Four Eye Warrior started out when a marine noticed how expensive good quality eye glasses are. He began to investigate how it could be done better and realized that partnering with American manufactures he would be able to greatly reduce the cost for the consumer. Our philosophy at Four Eye Warrior’s is to bring the top quality in prescription eye ware at prices that anyone can afford. We have partnered with brands who’s names are synonymous with quality products. All the frames that we offer are manufactured in the USA and meet the strictest of standards. We understand that not every frame fits all face types and that is why we have added a try it on feature. It’s simple to use and will show you how the frames will look when you get them. Every frame that we offer can be converted into your specific prescription. It only takes an extra day or so, but they will be made to the correct specification with care and precision. All frames are available for quick shipping.

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